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Scarlet is tall and serene, and a very still person. Watching her
taking pictures of a succession of celebrity authors at the
Henley Literary Festival this year it was clear to see why she
progressed fairly rapidly from a young photographer’s
assistant, to shooting album covers for world famous rock
She is unassuming, but quickly builds up a relationship with
her subject, no matter how rushed or frantic the environment.
In 2015 she organised, shot and produced her
show for the Teenage Cancer Trust at the Royal Albert Hall
(and a smaller version at The Old Fire Station Gallery in
These photographs were portraits of some of the most
famous and celebrated guitarists in the world, including
Scarlet’s father, Jimmy Page, of Led Zeppelin.
Other subjects for this much talked about exhibition
included Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders), Slash (Guns ‘n’
Roses), Brian May (Queen) and Noel Gallagher (Oasis).
Each print was signed by the subject, and sold, as well as
being collated into a book whose profits are still going to the
“I had to contact everyone myself, they didn’t have to do it,
but when I got someone like Peter Green (founder of
Fleetwood Mac) that was amazing because I was so pleased
with the image I got,” said Scarlet, who did not necessarily
know all her subjects.
Undoubtedly a few will have crossed Scarlet’s path as she
grew up in the hedonistic chaos of 1970s rock stardom with
her famous father, and mother, French model, Charlotte
She is typically discreet about her childhood, but she is still
very close to both parents, who live nearby.
“I had an unconventional upbringing. I do love being around
madness and it doesn’t faze me but I do like stability,” said
Scarlet who agrees that she is more like the character of Saffy
Absolutely Fabulous
who becomes the opposite to her party
loving, outrageous mother, Edina (Jennifer Saunders).
“I wasn’t square, but always an adult --definitely quite grown
up and sensible. I was probably more responsible than my
children now.”
Scarlet lives in the countryside outside Henley with her two
school-aged children and their father, Tom Brown, himself a
musician, but now a landscape gardener.
The couple moved from London seven years ago.
“It was time to get a bit more space and simplify life in some
respects or take some of the stress out,” said Scarlet.
“Now there is not too much drama in my life. I am a very
hands-on mum and it is the hardest job I have ever had
because it is all-consuming and it is hard juggling everything
and sometimes you feel like you are not doing one job
particularly well but you manage to get it done.”
Scarlet’s preference for as little drama as possible is maybe a
“I had an
upbringing. I
do love being
Scarlet Page is the daughter of rock royalty, who grew up
nearby and has nowmade Henley her home where she is a
successful photographer and jeweller. Cindy Burrowes
spoke to her about her life and career.
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Scarlet Page wearing one of
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