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reflection on her very rock’n’roll childhood, but she forged her own way as
a rock photographer by accident rather than plan.
Following an art foundation course at Maidenhead Art College she
completed a degree at the University of Westminster in photography, film
and video. After that she happened to meet the British rock ‘n’ roll
photographer, Ross Halfin, who took her on as his protégée, and the rest
as they say, is history.
Halfin’s speciality in the 90s was a genre of music that Scarlet was not
necessarily familiar with, Grunge.
Through shadowing Halfin in the photographer’s ‘pit’ at live gigs and
music festivals, she rose to taking the photographs that graced album
covers of the likes of The Verve and Stereophonics.
“I didn’t necessarily want to be in the music industry, but it was familiar
and so was being around a bit of madness – I wasn’t fazed by anything,
the unpredictability of it, and I am quite patient so it was about capturing
those moments when I got the chance.”
She feels the music industry has changed significantly since her father’s
time, both economically, and with the advent of social media and digital.
“As far as the lifestyle you can live on the road, it is a lot healthier – most
people are vegan and it’s all about juicing and not
about drugs. But mentally it is a very tough arena. I
don’t know who is that strong to withstand trolling
etc and I wouldn’t wish it for my children.”
These days Scarlet has her own studio at
Mapledurham where she is collating her retrospective
for an exhibition in Buenos Aires in 2019, and from
where she also takes portraits, headshots and family
portraits, including dogs (
She also works on more charitable campaigns, such
as her series of portraits of celebrities and their
children for Warchild.
And just to make full use of her creativity Scarlet also
makes solid silver jewellery. Her line started out as a
project to make charms inspired by nature, as
presents for her friends. Her handmade jewellery,
including her signature acorn and sycamore key
pendants, sell through her own website
, NotOnTheHighStreet.com
and etsy.com.
I didn’t necessarily want to be in the music
industry, but it was familiar and so was
being around a bit of madness
Sir Paul McCartney from
Scarlet’s photo of her father,
Jimmy Page, from her
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