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by G D Evans Interiors
Where can I find quality kitchen furniture?
There are many places to buy kitchen furniture from; High Street shops, online, major
retailers, trade outlets and freelance designers. The difference in quality is often
reflected in the price, with some units being flat packed and others ready-made/rigid.
Most cheaper units come with many holes predrilled in them for various door and
drawer fitting options on site by the installer and often come in a limited choice of unit
colours, so if you have a white unit and a grey door this sometimes doesn’t look the
best and it may not to be to your liking either to see unnecessary holes when opening
the doors/drawers.
The cheaper units will often require a lot of assembling work on site. This can then put
up the cost of the installation and negate some of the saving of buying the cheaper
units. They may also not be very well constructed.
At G D Evans Interiors we are freelance designers and retailers for Mereway and Trend
Interiors Kitchens. These high quality units come with a wealth of door/drawer finishes
and styles to choose from and are colour co-ordinated to match them or you can
choose from a selection of contrasting colours. They are factory assembled glue and
dowel construction and arrive with soft close doors, drawers and pull out storage
systems pre-fitted, saving both time and labour costs on site, no unsightly holes and
with the added peace of mind that they are of sound construction. They are also made
in the UK.
If you are planning any kitchen projects and want a free no obligation consultancy
please contact Gary of G D Evans Interiors on Henley 01491 244244 Reading 0118
9474744 or email
Please send your homes and gardens questions to
Vivienne at
GD Evans
by Niki Schäfer
When is the best time for home improvements? And
what should we be thinking about during the Winter
months to create a better living space?
I start warning clients in August that it’ll soon be
Christmas. They tend to give me that look. But it’s not
long before deadlines are upon them and tradesmen
are booked up. How I wish clients would start talking
to me in January instead of the annual crazy season.
When the decorations come down, it’s genuinely a
good time to assess your home. How did the place
cope with the influx of visitors? Did the kitchen
perform well? Was there enough space for everyone to
sit down together and equally to escape to for a bit of
Winter in general is a great opportunity to see how
your lighting is working. Do you feel the house
welcomes you? Is there a light in the porch? Is the hall
well lit? Does each room have sufficient table lamps?
How about a reading light or a floor lamp for the
corner? Is art well lit? Are working areas suitably lit for
tasks? When better time to check these than during
dry January?
During the cold months, it’s good to assess the
warmth of the house. Would you prefer a wood
burning stove? Are the ugly radiators taking up
valuable wall space – could they be upgraded or could
underfloor heating be the answer? Are your feet warm
– does the carpet feel good underfoot? Are there
sufficient rugs? Rugs can add colour and texture as
well as help delineate zones within large spaces. How
do your rugs perform?
January is a quiet month so use the time wisely.
Check out your home and investigate what works and
what doesn’t.
If you know the solutions then track down a local
tradesman and get the work into a schedule for the
Spring, but if you need a helping hand then please
give Niki Schäfer Interior Design a call. We can help you
with a simple consultation to overseeing an entire
Call Niki Schäfer 07782 256444
by The Good Shelf Company
We invested in an expensive dining table
many years ago and it now looks out of date.
What would you suggest we do to bring it back
to life?
The Good Shelf Company has been making
and restoring both old and new furniture since
1987 in its workshops based in Rotherfield Greys. With more than 30 years in the
business, our dedicated finishers can rejuvenate your old furniture and make it look
brand new once again, or we can take your modern looking furniture and give it an old
and rustic look. Whatever look you’re after, our team will be sure to bring your furniture
back to life once again.
The Good Shelf Company allows you to adapt your furniture to its surroundings at just
a fraction of the price of kitting out your home with all brand new furniture.
We understand that when you purchase a piece of furniture it should be a lifelong
investment, but over time your tastes can change and your furniture can start to show
a bit of wear and tear. So whether it’s a cupboard you’d like in a different colour, a table
resurfacing or your entire kitchen refurbishing, we will work alongside your
requirements to bring any item back to its former glory.
If you have any enquiries please contact, The Good Shelf Company on 01491 628596
or email
Find us at 9A Greys Green Farm, Rotherfield Greys, Henley-On-Thames, RG9 4QG
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