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Julia Car
Jeweller and Henley Plastic Reduction campaigner
ulia Carey is a jeweller, an artist and the
driving force behind Henley Plastic
Reduction. She recently organised the
Henley Artisan Fair in the Town Hall and
she is married to Paul Carey, the general
manager of the Rewind Festivals. They live on
the Reading Road with their children Phoebe,
4, and Charlie 2, and dogs Hector and Molly.
What brought you to Henley?
We drove through here one day on the way
back from somewhere and we thought it was
beautiful, literally, and then we were googling
houses after that. I have not looked back, I
absolutely love it here, Paul loves it here, we
have made fantastic friends and it is a fantastic
place to bring up children.
What would you change about Henley?
For me it would be becoming a very green
town. I would ban disposable plastics. Also I
think it would be great for Henley to have a co-
operative in the market square, to get people
selling their fruit and veg from allotments etc.
How do you spend your leisure time locally?
We do a lot of child-centric stuff at the
moment, but Paul and I have discovered the
Sue Ryder Nettlebed Sales or we nip out to the
Kenton, or Quiz night at the Bird in Hand.
Where are your top three local haunts?
Athletes Services where Helena does her
Reformer Pilates – I come out feeling amazing. I
love the walk along the river from Henley to
Shiplake and we might stop at The Baskerville.
Also I do love the River and Rowing Museum.
Which song would you pass down to your
I suddenly thought that it made me so happy
when Phoebe came across Bob Marley. I really
enjoyed them growing up so any of his
classics. They are timeless.
Which book, film or play inspires you the
This was a bit alternative but it is a book
The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual
by Eckhart Tolle. It just reminds
you to be in the moment. Everytime you read
it you get something else from it depending
on what stage you are at.
What do you treasure most about life in the
Nature. I love the seasons desperately, they
are special. I feel there is something magical
about England, but also I don’t take for
granted living here. We have freedom, we are
safe, we have clean running water. Who
knows, one day it could be taken away from us.
But if you could live anywhere else in the
world, where would it be?
I haven’t been to California, but it sounds
amazing. If I was single and didn’t have kids
and my life was completely different I would
be in India. I just love it there, the colours, the
smells, the stones and they make amazing
jewellery. It fascinates me and I would love to
give that a go.
Is there anyone or anything in the area that
you admire, would recommend or deserves
a special mention?
There is theWellbeing Centre on a Monday at
the King’s Arms Barn. Health practitioners
work for a donation. Ben Colyer is this
incredible cranial osteopath – I always feel he
resets my whole system. I also wanted to
mention Dave McEwen (Henley in Transition)
and Patrick Fleming, they work on the
neighbourhood and transport plans.
If you could turn back time, what would you
do differently?
I would have buckled down and do more work
when I was at school. Then I studied classical
archaeology at King’s College London, but I
really enjoyed clubbing and going out. What
was I doing? So silly.
Also I would learn to play the piano and learn
a language fluently.
Which things do you wish you had known
when you were younger?
Because my Dad passed away in 2010 I would
have spent more time with him. If I knew how
difficult it was to be a parent I would have
been softer on him.
What is your favourite place at Christmas in
I would say the Kenton – it’s fantastic and it
has become a tradition to go to the
pantomime with the kids and I invite my
nieces and nephews from London and and we
all go, and it is Christmassy and cosy.
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