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The long nights are drawing in, the patio
doors are closed and the fire is on. The leaves
are starting to turn and our bodies are craving
hearty comfort food. So what is seasonal right
now and why is it important?
Just in case the whole eat fresh/local/lobby
has passed you by – it is not just a fad, and
there are valid reasons for adopting a less
supermarket-led diet.
Basically the more local the food, the less it
has travelled, so the ‘food miles’ are kept down
which is good for the environment, but also
good for the consumer because the crop has
been picked at the height of its ripeness so
will be much better tasting.
Local means fewer, if any, chemical
preservatives for travel, which again is
beneficial to all of us. There is also an
argument for supporting the local economy.
So, to eat locally-grown food means eating
seasonal food, rather than, for example,
asparagus from Brazil or strawberries from
Autumn is the season of British tree fruit as
well as root vegetables and game.
Although game is an acquired taste, the
meat, whether venison, pheasant, partridge,
muntjac or rabbit is lean and economic on
the whole.
Henley’s butcher Gabriel Machin sells
packets of mixed game, or solely venison, for
casseroles, which are a fantastic, hearty,
Autumn supper. Otherwise drop in to any
farm shop you are passing and chances are,
they will have plucked pheasant for sale.
Now is mushroom season, and these are
delicious in any casserole, or in a risotto, or
stuff and bake the large ones.
As we move into Autumn root vegetables
and the squash family take pride of place on
the menu with beetroot, parsnip, pumpkin,
butternut squash, celeriac, and potatoes.
These are all a hearty and tasty base for a
meal, but also a perfect for vegetarians and
On the sweet side are the apples, pears,
plums, quince, medlars and damsons of the
British countryside, whether made into a
simple crumble or a more opulent dessert,
they can also be preserved as jams or jellies.
Traditionally they are also great in hearty
stews to add a touch of sweetness.
A quick internet search throws up many
recipes for all of the above, from all sorts of
sources from Britain’s well loved chefs as well
as the BBC Food website and the many
foodie magazines.
Cooking up
Autumn is the season
of British tree fruit as
well as root
vegetables and game
a storm
Image www.bbc.com
| OCTOBER 2018
Many locals are happy
about the arrival of Da
Toni, a new Italian
restaurant which
opened in Wargrave in May. The owners of Da Toni know what they
are doing because they already have a successful Italian restaurant –
Ristorante San Marco, established in Addlestone three years ago.
Da Toni is open seven days a week, giving a warm welcome to all and
serving authentic Italian cuisine in an attractive setting. The décor is
more upmarket than the Italian chains you might be familiar with –
think stylish button-back chairs, proper table cloths and a
sophisticated dining experience.
The menu includes many Italian favourites – pizzas, risottos, pasta
dishes – but also main courses such as Spada alla Griglia (grilled
swordfish with Mediterranean vegetables and sautéed potatoes) and
Tagliata di Manzo (grilled rib-eye steak with rocket, cherry tomatoes,
Parmesan shavings and balsamic glaze).
If you just want a quiet night in, you can still enjoy a delicious Italian
meal thanks to Da Toni’s very efficient takeaway service. You can
browse the menu and order online for free delivery within a five mile
radius in approximately 45 minutes (or hungry locals can collect
more quickly). There is a free large car park at the rear.
Da Toni Restaurant | 45 High Street, Wargrave RG10 8BU
0118 940 4036 |
Open Monday–Friday 12 noon to 2.30pm and 5.30–11pm,
Saturday 12 noon to 11pm, Sunday 12 noon to 10pm
Da Toni
per person (red or white )
Evenings A La Carte
10% Discount
(To claim mention
Henley Life Magazine )
Delicious Lunchtime
Menu & inc Sunday
2 Courses £12.95
3 Courses £15.95
45 High Street, Wargrave,
RG10 8BU 0118 9404 036
Check website for
opening times
behind restaurant
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