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by GD Evans Interiors
When planning an extension, when should
I think about getting a kitchen planned?
You can think about this at the same time
as planning the extension, especially if you
have any specific requirements such as
natural light for the work areas, a large island,
floor-to-ceiling units, garden facing, open
plan and more. It’s wise to discuss any
requirements with your architect at the initial
consultation planning stage.
At this stage too, you could consider
speaking to a kitchen designer about your
ideas and wish list for your dream kitchen.
Obviously, a designer will need to have
detailed plans from an architect to work from
eventually, but initially a draft can be achieved
by mocking a room size up for you on a CAD
system (Computer Aided Design) which could
assist you visualising the layout, position of
doors, window etc.
Showrooms are OK to view doors, worktops
and appliances. However, they often come
with a lofty price tag to cover the overheads.
So seek out an independent/freelance
designer who can provide the very same
design service, often for free.
Independent or freelance designers often
have associations or are authorised retailers
with some of the major kitchen
manufacturers found in the high street
showrooms or at major retailers. But they can
be more competitive.
We are freelance designers and often work
with builders, architects and interior designers
at these stages and are authorised retailers for
a British manufacturer of quality kitchens. We
can provide just a design service, detailed
plans for a fee and supply only of the kitchen
if required.
If you want it installed and everything
completely project managed by us from
design through to completion then we can do
this too.
If you require any further advice or assistance
with any new home improvement project
please contact Gary Evans on (01491) 244244,
0118 947 4744 or email
Please send your homes and gardens questions to
Vivienne at
by CavershamTiles
There is so much choice available – how
do I know which size and colour I should
Large format tiles are very much in fashion
now, and they can look amazing in large
areas, giving a clean uncluttered look.
However if you have a small space to tile with
fixtures and plug sockets to tile around for
example, a smaller format tile would be a
better choice – using a mosaic border can
give interest, in either situation if the layout is
planned properly it will look stunning.
When it comes to colour it is a
matter of personal choice, light
colours with a gloss will
brighten a space, whereas
darker shades will create a
different atmosphere.
For flooring, consider the
amount of traffic, and your
lifestyle. A white gloss
porcelain floor will look
beautiful – but if you have
children and dogs, you may
prefer to have a darker tone.
In the kitchen don’t try to
match your wall tiles to your
worktop and cupboards, go for
a contrasting or neutral shade.
We offer free samples for you to take home
and try out in your home – different lighting
can make a massive difference to how a
colour is perceived.
Take advice from our expert staff - they can
help with ideas for layout, colour, size and
As members of The Tile Association you are
assured that we have the expertise to help
you make the right choice.
For more advice visit
or visit us in Caversham,
Maidenhead or Wokingham.
by Elements Kitchens
I’d like to turn my kitchen into an open-plan living space. Is there anything I
should be aware of?
An open-plan space is a wonderful way to create a real hub for the home. As
this will be a multi-functional room it requires a carefully considered design.
High on the kitchen priority list are storage options and appliances. When
including storage, make sure to give yourself plenty.
Having lots of items on display can make a space feel cluttered, so designate a
place for them. A hidden workstation can be a useful addition to the kitchen
where small appliances, such as a coffee machine or toaster, can be housed and
easily accessible for daily use. For larger appliances, think outside the box and
consider those that are concealed, disguised or multi-use.
Clever options include pop-up extractors and chandelier cooker hoods, pop-up
plug sockets, wireless charging points and boiling water taps.
Choose integrated appliances for a clean and streamlined look. The functions
of your chosen appliances are
an important factor –
extractors, dishwashers,
washing machines and ovens
with quick and quiet
programmes can minimise the
impact they have within the
Furniture details can make a
big difference too. Curved
cabinets and worktops,
breakfast bar seating and open
shelving can all help create a
harmonious transition from the
functional kitchen zone into
the living space. Our designers
Sara, Andrew and John are happy to help you explore ideas so do drop in and see us at 8b
Portman Road, Reading RG30 1EA or get in touch on 0118 959 9919 elementskitchens.co.uk
Caversham Tiles
GD Evans
Elements Kitchens
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