March HL - page 5 our March edition of Henley
Life. In a bid to banish any
thoughts of late cold snaps we
are very much looking ahead to
pretty Spring weddings and
daffodil bulbs flowering.
Wedding trends for this year see
brides and grooms adding their
personal touches and local eco-
champion and interior designer,
Lynne Lambourne, gives her top
tips on how to make a wedding
more eco-friendly.
This month also sees us turning
homeward with the RIBA Design
Day, and we take a look at an
award-winning riverside house.
In celebration of International
Women’s Day on March 8, we
interview the first woman to
complete the Cresta Run in 80
years – a true local powerhouse.
The house of Christian Dior is
celebrated in an amazing
exhibition at the V&A – we give
you a sneak preview. And
another extraordinary designer,
William Morris, is celebrated at
our very own River and Rowing
Museum. The special exhibition
details his incredibly strong links
to the River Thames and its
tributaries. We also take a look at
a major exhibition of the work of
artist Jeff Koons which is running
at the Ashmolean Museum in
Fashion this month looks at new
season clothes with a splash of
colour. And colour is the key to
our gardening piece as well.
Don’t miss our interview with
Henley author Alison Porter,
whose book
Stronger than Before
offers advice and hope to survive
and thrive with breast cancer.
We have gift ideas for upcoming
Mother’s Day and Peter Morris, a
partner at Mercers Solicitors, is
our focus for My Henley Life.
So, lots to read and plenty of
ideas for a busy Spring month…
The Henley Life team
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| MARCH 2019
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