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Snap judgements
If you want a true and visually pleasing record of your big day, then getting the right photographer is vital. Knowing what you want is also key as wedding photography has become quite diverse in recent years. Whatever your preferred style, choosing your photographer is key.
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Managing the menopause
For some women Mother’s Day is a form of torture. Having to sit in a hot restaurant, smile and pretend to be having the best time, when they’re sweaty, uncomfortable and want to rip someone’s head off. Welcome to the menopause. Read our guide on how to cope.
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Genevieve Rees-Agnew

My Henley Life: Genevieve Rees-Agnew
Genevieve Rees-Agnew (Gen) has lived in Henley for more than 30 years and started her business, Henley Housekeepers, 28 years ago, specialising in regular house cleans. Find out her favourite aspects of life in Henley in this month's column.
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This Month's Issue

Henley Life March 2020