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The Perfect Wedding for You and The Planet

As wedding season approaches Henley Life looks at a more environmentally-friendly approach to nuptials.

In line with the sustainable theme of the Henley House and Garden Show, Cindy Burrowes chats to one of the show's speakers, award-winning ecodesigner, Lynne Lambourne.

Princess Beatrice made a point at her 2018 wedding to be 'plastic free' and not to use plastic straws, bottles, etc. but is this really possible for everyone else's weddings? Lynne Lambourne believes it is, and that it makes for a more interesting, and individual event. And that it is much more cost-effective.

“Think a little bit more about what would your Granny do – 'convenience' is the nasty word,” said Lynne. “There is no way they would go out and buy ready-made bunting and hundreds of plastic bottles of water.”

Her examples of alternatives include collecting old fabric and make that into bunting, and also using old glass jugs for water, with a selection of mismatched glasses. Jam jars make great vases and can be covered in old ribbon or fabric.

“There is beauty in the eclectic, it doesn't have to be matchy, matchy – that looks so corporate. It should be a little bit more personalised,” said Lynne stating that there is a real movement at the moment towards 'festival' type weddings. Rather than paying a fortune to a wedding venue with hired chairs, tables etc Lynne suggests choosing useful things for the couple's new home that can be used at the wedding. She also suggests putting the hen party to good use.

“Decorations could be made at the hen party, or you could get all the hens to paint a chair each in a different colour and that way you are getting a present that you really want but it doesn't cost your hens that much although it is really priceless.”

Lynne also feels that choosing the companies you use for your wedding is key if you really want to do your bit for the environment. For example, look at hiring a local Scout marquee, which means it does not have far to travel, and your fee is contributing to a local charity.

“Choosing is a massive thing – ask the catering company, what are your recycling credentials? It is about putting your money where you feel it should be rather than giving it away willy nilly to companies that are thoughtless.

“It is the only way we are going to make the change,” said Lynne who suggests that seriously green brides go through the green credential body B Corporation( to find environmentally friendly suppliers.

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