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Top tips for throwing a Christmas party

A Christmas party is an event to look forward to, the reward at the end of a long and busy year and something where companies can show their appreciation for their workforce.
Tips for throwing a good Christmas party
• Plan well in advance – if you really mean the sentiment of celebrating for the workforce, then it is best to give as many as possible the opportunity to attend.
• Send out proper invitations, well in advance.
• Work out the finances and communicate them at the time of inviting – people hate a surprise bill at the end of it.
• Use your HR department if you have one, they may have some advice, or may do a poll of the workforce to find out what the majority want.
• Some larger places do combined parties, with other companies. It’s worth considering.
• Henley’s restaurants and venues put their Christmas party menus out in the late summer so look out for them
• Consider all the extras some people offer, like decorations, entertainment and themes – it may be well worth it financially, and for team morale.
• Consider all times of day to host the party, lunch or tea may suit the majority rather than an evening meal or drinks.
Tips for attending your work’s Christmas party
• In most cases professionalism is required throughout, especially if you are new to the company
• Everything in moderation – drinking, dancing and honest conversations – you will still all have to work together on Monday morning.
• If it is not your thing, go for a limited amount of time without being rude, not too early, not too late
• In a big organisation it is hard to know everyone, so introduce yourself to new people you meet
• Be a good guest – dress appropriately, thank the host and don’t call in sick the next day.

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